Expatriate Working Visa

Employment Pass (Ep) Is A Work Permit That Allows An Expatriate To Take Up The Employment With An Organization In Malaysia. With effective of 1st May 2014, Companies that are regulated by an Approving Agency are required to submit an approval letter for each Employment Pass (Category I, II, and III) application from the relevant Approving Agency. Peakjob offer service of getting the Approving Agency Application and further immigration application action licensed by the Malaysia Labour Department (JTK).

With effect from 1st Jan 2009, foreigners can incorporate with 100% foreign ownership with minimum RM500,000 (for advisory, consultancy business nature) and RM1 million paid-up capital for other types of businesses (import, export and trading). Every information, details in the company documents are absolutely vital to enable obtaining the final approval for your Expatriate Working Visa (EP).

The salary for the Expatriate Working Visa has to be a minimum monthly salary of RM5,000 with a suitable position they applied for. Expatriate Working Visa is renewable subject to the immigration ruling at the time of renewal. To further support the application, we provide:

  • To assist in prepare your Company profile
  • To proofread all content provided by you on your company information
  • To assist Expatriate to prepare Resume
  • Certification of Documents 
  • Translation of Documents to English 

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